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Why Choose FIDUS?

  • Fidus enjoys unrivaled knowledge when it comes to Wine Country Tours and routes.
  • Our corporate offices are based locally, prioritizing and giving access to local drivers.
  • We pay our Drivers more than our competitors, Treating them the best we can.
  • There is no Driver De-Activation on our part. Our drivers will be subjected to the proper process of disciplinary action in case of Driver Misconduct or any Customer Complaint matters.
  • Customer’s Traveling Comfort and Safety will is our top priority.
  • One of our goals is to stay small scale on our area of service, to serve our customers better, and to have the best partnership service for our drivers.
  • One of the most important reasons why we are different from other rideshare companies is, Fidus is made by drivers, for the drivers.
  • Our service levels will cater to the most transportation needs of a Wine Country. This includes Wine Tour, or Wine Tasting rides either on demand or a trip for a day.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

All our customers enjoy are ridesharing services as we are providing better flexibility and freedom when it comes to traveling.

Being on time is very important for my job, and I thank FIDUS for doing just that. They are always quick and deliver reliable ridesharing services every time.

Diana Cruze

If you are looking to go around the wine country and indulge in fantastic wine tours, wine tasting rides and visit different wineries, then FIDUS is the one to choose. If you are a driver who loves driving, then, in my opinion, FIDUS is the most reliable service in the country.

Jackson, Hartford Sr.

Finally a company for the drivers and ridesharers! Drivers for drivers genuinely built FIDUS. Excellent advantages and fantastic customer support. I love the concept. Something I've been looking for quite a while.

Ricarda, Y. Rodney

The best ridesharing service in the Wine Country

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